Greenhorn Park Stamp Mill

Greenhorn Park has a ball mill; an arrastra, which is a primitive mill used to grind gold or silver ore; a stamp mill; a blacksmith shop; and a carriage building. The equipment and structures are from all over the county and were transported to Greenhorn Park more than 30 years ago.

Much of it has been burglarized and vandalized. In July 2013 a group of citizens claimed to embark on a restoration project at the old mining town to preserve the artifacts for generations to come. The Siskiyou Gardens Parks and Greenway Association (SGPGA) and E Clampus Vitus, as well as city of Yreka representatives set out to restore and preserve the artifacts. I could not find any articles regarding their success or completion so I do not know the current state of the project or the artifacts.

If you have any info please comment below.