May Lundy Mine

The “May Lundy Mine” is located at 11,000 ft on the east side of Mt. Scowden near the Tioga Crest. I doubt anyone has been up there for many years. It operated from 1879 to 1885 and then off and on through the early 1900’s. May Lundy was the daughter of W. J. Lundy whom made his fortune providing lumber to the mines at Bodie. I am not sure where his lumber mill sat in Lundy Canyon.

Down the mountain from the May Lundy near Oneida Lake sat the mill site and the “Lundy Mine” at 9400 ft with equipment all over the place including ore cart rails that run into the mine, boiler, compressors, and remnants of a tramway that ran the 1600 ft up to the May Lundy. Cams and stamps from a ten stamp mill lay in ruins with timbers long since in ruin. Both mines are indicated on USGS Historic Topo’s. The massive tailings pile can probably be seen from space. The town of Lundy was once a thriving town from 1880 to 1914 on the west end of Lundy Lake, now a fishing resort. It is a long four mile round trip hike from Lundy lake to the mill site.

I would love to see recent pics or hear from you if you have made it to the Lundy site, comment below.