Cerro Gordo

Why another silver mine on this Gold site? Well, honestly I could not help myself. I stumbled upon Cerro Gordo on a California travel website that had mistakenly classified it as a Gold mine/town. But a quick hop to Wikipedia and you soon learn that Cerro Gordo was producing high grade silver, lead and zinc ore.
A popular destination for Jeep and four wheeler’s Cerro Gordo (Fat Hill) is privately owned and shown only by reservation. The town is classified as a ghost town but is inhabited by the care taker restoring the town. The hotel and other buildings have been restored. The town can be accessed by car via Cerro Gordo Road. The 8 mile long road is maintained and leads you up over 1000′ directly to the town.
USGS topo maps show numerous tunnels in the hills behind the town. Silver mining began hear in 1866 and continued to 1957. In 1959 much of the operation was sold but plenty remains to make it a worthy destination. Shown by appointment only. What I would do is talk to the owner via Cerro Gordo Tours at (760) 876-5030 and explain that you would like to tour the place, and let him name his price for that privilege. You will need a 4×4 vehicle to get there over a bumpy county road, by the way, not a standard rental car.

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