Salado Creek Stamp Mill Claim

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I found this stamp mill searching the internet. No real information other than it is near Salado Creek off Hunt Rd near Milton, CA. You can see it clearly from Google Earth and crazy enough you can even see it from Google Streets, holy cow! USGS Topo maps show two un-named mine shafts a short distance away. If you know any history on this stamp mill or the nearby mines please let me know.

We set off to explorer the mines and mill in April 2014. They are  on fenced property but not marked as private. We parked around the bend at a gate in the fence and headed east down the slope toward the creek until we discovered the old mining road. We followed the road past the mine locations on USGS Topo and down the hill to the mill. The mines apparently have been filled to keep cattle from falling in.

Above the mill we found a giant ore pile and old ore cart rails scattered about. We followed the tailings down the slope to find a giant ore hopper and chute leading to a 10 stamp mill. The stamp batteries still filled with ore. Once around the front of the mill we saw several of the 10 stamps had been torched out but the amalgamation tables were still in place. The stairs, ladders and floors around the stamp looked way to rotten for us to climb around on. In fact the entire thing looks like it might fall over in the next big wind.

Fascinating little gem and a worthy excursion. If you make the trip or find this post interesting please comment below!

  • JB Bergmann

    Rating: 3 / 5

    Incredible what you find on the side of the road!

  • Raymond Wells


    When I was about 18 Yrs. olds, I too discovered this mill. That was in 1955 or 1956. At that time I also hiked down to it, and explored around the area, much as you have said.
    At that time I did scrape some ore residue particles from under the hammers in hopes of finding some traces of gold. (No luck, nothing) I also scouted the tailing pile and it did not appear to be anything of interest. On January 1st of this year(2018) My wife, her sister and I decided to take ride in the hills, we rode up that way to see if it was still their. We stopped in the same place that you had stopped and looked down on it. Looking down at it, it appears to look exactley as it did back in 1955/56.

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