We stumbled upon the Red Cloud Mine on route from Pleasant Canyon to South Park Canyon in Death Valley. After spending the night near Claire Camp at the World Beater Cabin we made our way up to Middle Park. The Topo showed a tram and several shafts at about 7,000′ in the peak on our way to the airstrip at South Park, but no mine named so we didn’t think much of it. We drove right under the tram and parked near an open adit. Probably a prospect as we followed it a few hundred feet to its end. We could see the main shaft up the hill near the tram but did not climb up there. A compressor shed stands only a few feet from the opening on the burden pile with ore cart tracks turning beside it.

Below the mine is several barely standing structures including a cabin with a stove and a workshop with workbenches. There was tons of equipment and parts scattered in every direction for several hundred yards. A dozer, a tractor, several pickups, pistons, transmissions, engine blocks, etc were everywhere as if someone did a great deal of repairs or attempted repairs. No signs of any milling remain.

I am surprised such a cool location has no history or very little mention on the web. I was able to find the mines name on mindat.org and confirm they were mining gold. If you have been or know more history please comment below.

  • JB Bergmann

    Rating: 4 / 5

    Pretty cool cool mine, and camp, no mill.

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