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The Kentucky Mill is one of the best preserved stamp mills I have had the pleasure to visit. A large part of that preservation is its more modern history. The mill was pieced together in 1928 from other abandoned mills in the area by local butcher Emil Loeffler and his son. The family operated it off and on as more of a hobby until 1953. In 1974 the Sierra County Historical Society purchased the mill from the Loefflers and restored it.

Today the adit is collapsed but the portal contains a working Pelton wheel and blacksmith shop. The 10 stamp mill is the highlight of the tour because of its authenticity and pristine condition.

  • JB Bergmann

    Rating: 5 / 5

    Even though the adit is collapsed and they no longer offer tunnel tours the Kentucky is still a 5 star destination for the whole family. The still working pelton wheel and stamp mill in excellent condition make for an awesome experience.

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