The stamps at the Herman Mine still stand tall as of our visit in May 2016 despite several forest fires sweeping the steep ravine below Deadwood Ridge. There have been numerous internet post over the years serving as historical looks into the mills slow return to mother earth. Many have hiked down via many routes but we decided to drive it. The road via the Osborne Tunnel was doable but way too time consuming so we headed west on Deadwood to an easier route. You wont make it without a high clearance 4×4 capable of going over, under, and through large fallen trees and creeks. It took over 2 hours for us to traverse the old mining road down the ravine south of Deadwood Road. As we approached the ravine we hit a Y in the road. On our right was what appeared to be an old overgrown road black by a 10 stamp cam that probably went to below the mill. On our left the road continued along the steep hillside to just above the mill. The short climb down to the stamps from the road was extremely steep, deep and dangerous but well worth it.

Over the years there have been several plans formulated to ‘rescue’ the remnants including a failed helicopter recovery. For now the Herman has escaped the posh museum life and sits in her natural glory untouched by vandals and thieves. At this point all of the timbers  and structure have been burned away leaving 4 batteries of 5 stamps, 3 standing and 1 tipped over towards the hillside. We found cams for 30 stamps but only saw batteries for 20. Perhaps some where sold or stolen. There is video on YouTube showing an open adit, boiler, compressor, and large tank but we rushed out and didn’t explore any of that :<.

Please comment below if you know more history on the Herman Mine or have been there.

  • Grandpa Herman

    Rating: 3 / 5

    I just stumbled upon the Herman Mine page, much to my delight. My grandfather’s family owned this mine back in the mid 1930s. I have a bunch of old photos of what it looked like when it was up and running, including a great one of the stamps in operation. I tried to leave a reply but was rejected as a possible bot. I am not a bot 🙂 Can you help me comment on the page and submit more photos?

  • JB Bergmann

    Rating: 3 / 5

    I love the photo you sent and would like to see and post more, please contact me using the contact link under “more” on the top menu.

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