Found this one merely by topo. The adit is 1400 feet long with stopes, winzes and drifts galore. We didn’t enter as we were in no way prepared to find such a shaft in such good shape. Also we noticed a lot of bear poop on the trail down.

WWII began in 1939 and the Feliciana produced 3000 ounces from 1941 to 1943 according to which leaves one to wonder because L-208 shut down gold mining late in 1942. Perhaps the goverment allowed processing of ore in 1943 that was worked in 1942. I don’t know.

The mine was discovered by Mexicans working the area in 1860. Several foundations exist and some equipment. The massive tailings pile was littered with white quartz. We slid down it to the site of the stamp mill which was in ruins. Only a compressor and a few scattered stamps were recognizable. It was a long hike back up the hill. The road was too rough and overgrown to drive. This would be a great mine to explore for those who are trained and equipped to do so. It could be deadly for anyone else. Check out our photos in the gallery below.


Update October 2016: We returned to the Feliciana Mountain a little more experienced and a little more equipped. We drove right up to the upper adit and ate lunch there in front of the mine. We followed the open upper adit to its collapse a mere 200 yards in. Oh well, maybe we will go back to the Feliciana Mine and explore the lower adit.


    Rating: 3 / 5

    My grandfather owned this mine with a partner. They deposited their shares into Bank of Italy at the time, which later became Bank of America. We’re trying to find out who assumed ownership. When my grandfather went back to the bank to withdraw his shares 1966, he was told they couldn’t find his deposit.

    My grandfather went by Andy Anderson. I’ll have to read through this journal to see if he mentioned the name of his partner.

    The mine entrance you pictured was blasted by my grandfather which he mentioned in his journal. Using dynamite.

  • Denny Anderson

    Rating: 3 / 5

    I thought all gold mines were shut down during the war?

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