Henry Radcliff began mining for gold at the Radcliff mine in 1896 some 2400′ above the camp. The mine was purchased in 2012 and on our 2015 trip the camp was occupied by a family living in a trailer only confirming active mining at the Radcliff. There are several old structures in the camp and one of them looked as if it was being remodeled for habitation.

The south side of the camp is littered with mining equipment including loose stamps, a ball mill, several hoppers, two boilers and a large cyanide tank. Several tram cables are still hanging from the steep walls of the canyon. A cool stop on the way to the World Beater.

The next day after a night at the World Beater Cabin we spotted a back road to the Radcliff Mine from the World Beater Mine on the maps. We followed the road up and over the hillside and back down a steep switch back shelf road. About halfway down the switchback we were stopped by several large boulders that had slid down the hill onto the road. We tried to use our recovery straps and winches to pull the boulders out of the way but they were very sharp and kept cutting through our straps. We could hear equipment running at the modern Radcliff in the valley below us so we abandoned our pursuit of the Radcliff and turned back. Now when I look back at our tracks I realize we were only feet away from the many adits of the upper Radcliff shown on the USGS Topo and probably the tram works seen on other sites. USGS Topo shows no less than 28 adits in the area.