The Big Horn Mine is located in the southern part of Mojave National Preserve. Most noted for Hilltop House, a cabin built in the 30’s by mine owners to watch over the mines in the area. For decades Hilltop House was in sad shape, in 2008 high winds badly damaged the building. Later that year the park service restored the cabin to its present state for future explorers to enjoy.

Many stay at the cabin but it is rat infested and the bathrooms do not work but have been used, ick. None the less it is a very cool explore.

Mine shafts at the site are sealed and surrounded by massive collapsed head frames and water tanks. A small prospect tunnel is open under a badly vandalized ball mill for a little underground exploration.

  • JB Bergmann

    Rating: 4 / 5

    Not a bad little explore. Easy to get to, camp-able, underground and part of a ball mill.

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