Everyone knows the Barker Ranch as the Manson Family hideout and probable location for several Manson Family murder clandestine graves.

Located in Death Valley’s Goler Canyon the ranch was first occupied by the Thompson Family in the 1930’s who searched the area for gold. There are numerous mines shown throughout the Goler Canyon on USGS Historical Topo maps on the way to the ranch including the Lotus Mine which consist of 6 separate claims itself including the Keystone Mine once known as the Manson Mine where Charlie sent the girls to pickup loose ore and they stashed clothing, magazines and other personal affects.

In 1955 the ranch was sold to the Barkers who moved in from Oklahoma and expanded the ranch and modernized it with water and electricity. Catherine “Capy Gillies” was the granddaughter of Mrs. Barker and one of Manson’s girls. Capy’s Grandma Barker allowed the Manson Family to stay at the ranch. Charlie was caught hiding under the bathroom vanity which we couldn’t help but mimic on our visit. Over the hill behind the ranch is Charlie’s junk yard as it’s known that features old jeep chassis and more.

Don’t wander to far up the canyon! Supposedly Capy lives up the road at the Meyers Ranch. But don’t be to scared, she wasn’t present at the murders.

Sadly in May of 2009 the world famous ranch was “accidentally” set fire and all that remains are stone walls and foundation. Been there? Comment below.

  • JB Bergmann

    Rating: 3 / 5

    I was expecting a creepy feeling like when you visit Alcatraz prison, but nothing. Not much is left here but a foundation and partial walls. Nearby Mengal pass is fun and so is Keystone Mine.

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