Sutter Gold Mine Headframe at Entrance

Located right off old Highway 49 is what used to be the North Star Mine (according to USGS Topo) now owned by Sutter Gold Mining Inc.. Sutter Gold offered underground tours in a jeep like buggy for a few years but ceased in Sept 2011 when gold prices rose and an attempt to resume mining began.

The story I heard was that permitting took several years and permitting for milling was never obtained and ore had to be shipped to Nevada. That no longer was profitable and mining has stopped again.

We drove by the North Star Mine and a tourist like entrance is decorated with metal crafted miners and works. The gate was closed and locked. A make believe headframe towers near the entrance right on Old Highway 49. A little further down the road we could see the modern works on a not to distant hill from a roadside turnout.

I would love to hear more about this mine, the tours they once had and plans for the future. Please comment below.