Gwin Mine Crew and Head Frame

Gwin Mine was posted by an anonymous author who wrote, “It was once the fostoria mine & then asenator bought it. It is really neat & is what started me on my journey of this history”.

The Gwin Mine began operating in 1850 and continued off and on until 1946. With several surface shafts and an operating depth to 2533′. Surface prospecting continued into the 60’s. Producing 6-7 million dollars in period values. The mines ownership changed several times over the years but I could not find reference to the Fostoria or the Asenator the poster mentioned.

In 2012 Joe Pitto planned to sell the mine which he inherited 1/3 from his mother for the sum of $8,000,000.00. The mine was featured on Century 21’s website. He estimated it would take 20-50 million to get the mine operating again and the mine would produce for 50 years before exhausting the vein.

Looks like a great trip I will certainly ad to my to do list. Satellite photos show ruins at the push pin and more ruins further south up the gulch. US GS Topo indicates numerous nearby vertical and horizontal shafts.