El Dorado Mine - Stamp Mill Shed

The El Doarado Mine is located at the northern edge of the Whiskytown National Recreation Area. The nps.gov site makes no mention of the mine so it is tough to find history. The mine is a popular hiking destination and makes for an easy hike so take the kids.

The adit is gated but the stamp mill building and blacksmith shed still stand with a rare and well preserved 1 stamp mill inside alongside a crusher. Several ore carts sit inside the blacksmith’s shed. A Chilean Mill sits out in the weather near the shed.

Discovered in 1885 by William Paul the mine was never a very good producer. The mine changed ownership many times and was eventually leased by Frank Bickford from 1931 to 1936 and became known as the Bickford Mine. Bickford dug the now sealed 400ft adit. In 1967 the NPS purchased a 40 acre parcel which includes the Cambden House also known as the Tower House District which still exist on the site and is well preserved.  USGS Topo shows the mine, the house and a “grave site”.