Eagle Mine Tunnel

There were hundreds of “Eagle” mines in the West but this is the real deal. So close to the millions of residents of LA county but so remote it has rarely been photographed. Apparently a very long and grueling trail-less hike to 6000 feet.
USGS Topo clearly identifies the mine and tunnel but nothing can be seen from satellite or aerial photos due to the trees. Not even tailings. The mine shaft shown in the photo above by Daven Gray in 1993 may be the last anyone sees of the operation.
There are other mines off Dry Gulch near Coldwater Canyon not far west of Mt. San Antonio. The Widco Mine at 5000 ft, the Eagle Mine at 6000 ft and finally the Gold Dollar Mine at 7000 ft.
If your an avid hiker, set your GPS to N 34.28200 W 117.69591, snap some photos and send them to me or comment below!