Dawn Mine - flooded The Dawn Mine Trail was a popular  moderate 2.2 mile hike past Millard Falls up to Dawn Mine but the trail was closed and fenced by forest service due to a 2009 fire. In 2011 hikers began reaching the mine through a more difficult route via Mt. Lowe Rd to Sunset Ridge Trail. The trail from there is a difficult and narrow old burro trail. There is also a trail head at 34° 13′ 17.11″ N 118° 7′ 40.74″ W.

Gold mining began in 1902 and continued to 1954. There are two tunnels, the lower tunnel is 700′ long and the upper less frequented tunnel is 200′ long. A few pieces of equipment lay on the west slope identifying the location, a compressor and an old gas engine. Been there? Comment below.