Caistic Mine - Hugh Blanchard

The Castaic Mine is perhaps one of the most infamous LA area gold mines. It is here that legendary gold mine explorer Hugh Blanchard met his death. Property owners next to the mine allege that the mine is on their property but Hugh argued maps clearly showed it did not. His “Gold Mines of Los Angeles County” website created a flurry of visits to the mine.

The alleged owners then created their own website called While Hugh Blanchard’s website tells a great deal about the mine and its history the site offers very little to curious gold mine aficionados other than stern warnings that trespassing is illegal. The site also references the dangers of the mine and Hugh’s death there.

USGS Topo indicates several tunnels and the mines name as Castaic Mine at 34.6858333333, -118.884444444. Google Earth reveals the amazingly steep slopes and identifying the tramway buildings, cables, winches and shaft openings is difficult. USGS Topo also shows a lot of mines north of the Castaic towards Gold Hill (imagine that).

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